Association for Innovation Management Professionals in Sweden

Annual members meeting 2016

InnovationsledarnaAnd so it was time for another annual meeting with the association that develops our profession as innovation managers. We are happy to say that the association is growing, something we can only interpret as that the profession is getting more established in the market. The association has just been around for a little more than two years, but we are already 150 members and steadily growing. And in spite of its youth it has already come to a level of maturity that it is gaining wide acceptance even from people from without our sphere.

And these very crucial activities have already been finalized in the association to help establish, validate and boost the profession.

  • An official job description has been developed that portrays the different job roles, titles and key responsibilities.
  • A competence description for the job role has been developed.
  • A value principle description for the profession has been formed.
  • The required personal traits of an innovation manager has been defined.
  • The requirements for innovation management training is currently being defined. (A project I am active in.)
  • A survey and a workshop on how to measure innovation performance was conducted. (I participated here as well.)
  • An official website (still only in Swedish) has been launched.

The annual meeting was followed by an ordinary members’ meeting where the main focus was on a workshop on the value principles of the association.

A good day the once again proves that the profession is moving in the right direction.