Teaching a new course in IT strategies for digitalization

A collaborative program with IDG

A few things have come to my attention lately. Firstly that there is a knowledge gap in strategic management skills among IT leaders and secondly that IT leaders are losing their grip on IT services as they move into the cloud and becomes ”everyones specialty” under the banner of digitalization. To help bridge this gap and support senior IT managers I have developed a one-day training program together with IDG (International Data Group) to provide the fundamentals in strategic IT management for digitalization.

And what I had experienced turned out to be just spot on. I had my first class with a handful of CIO:s and IT strategists a couple of weeks back and they confirmed all of my statements. The IT leadership role is slowly shifting focus from technology, and is becoming more about business leadership and understanding how to pave the way for technology as an integrated function in the organization. IT leaders must understand the value of technology and be able to communicate it to top management in an orderly fashion. And IT leaders must understand how technology can support the business’ strategic objectives so that IT can embrace and lead digitalization to create competitive advantages for the business.

The IT strategy class at IDG Academy.

So we scheduled another course in May and it became fully booked straight away. Consequently we added an extra course moment in late June for those who couldn’t get one of the seats in May. This is terrific and to me it feels truly heart-warming that IT management is maturing, embracing the future, and moving out of the basement. With greater strategic skills comes better positions for IT in our organizations.

If anyone if interested in joining a course you can reserve your spot on academy.idg.se.