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Ok, so why am I claiming to have a lot of knowledge in innovation management and digital transformation..? Well, mainly because I have been working as a researcher and a professional within these fields since the early 2000s. I have been a researcher, a businessman, a speaker, a published author, a consultant, an entrepreneur, and at times just an extremely inquisitive guy. And I still am. And the reason for running this site is that I am always happy to share what I know and to discuss these topics with likeminded people! This is my contribution to collective intelligence. So never hesitate to comment openly on my articles or to send me an email if you like. I always respond.

But since you are visiting this page your are likely looking for stronger evidence of my skillset than me just saying so. So to help you out a bit I have made a pretty simple summary of where I have retrieved my knowledge and experience that makes up my expertise. Here we go!

Current undertakings


  • I have an M.Sc. in computer science and a B.Sc. in business economics, both from Stockholm University.
  • I have been a researcher in innovation management with special focus on innovation management and digital technologies since 2005.
  • I was Head of Innovation Advisory at KPMG Sweden for two years where my responsibilities included running the innovation management consulting practice, developing and maintaining the innovation service portfolio, supporting KPMG’s innovation process, and representing Sweden in the KPMG Global Innovation Network.
  • I spent two years as the Director of Interactive Institute Uppsala, a governmentally owned Swedish research institute. At Interactive Institute I researched innovation management theories and practices and ran projects to put them into concrete practice.
  • I was the initiator and part of the core innovation management team at Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) responsible for putting together a national innovation management service offering for Sweden’s industry and public sector.
  • I was a member of the Digitalization Council of The Swedish Sports Confederation for six years.
  • I spent two years as the the Director of the Swedish ICT User Centre (NITA) at Uppsala University where I conducted research on innovation management for digital transformation.
  • I spent 5 years as Innovation Manager and IT strategy consultant at Computer Sciences Corporation with responsibility for the innovation strategy for Scandinavia, CSC’s innovation management service offerings and as innovation management consultant.
  • I was IT strategist at the City of Stockholm for two years with the responsibility for the city’s mobility strategy and an annual budget for evaluating and testing innovative ICT projects.
  • I was the CEO of Intelligentor Research & Technology for four years developing forefront IT solutions with specific focus on mobile technologies.
  • I was the CEO and co-founder of Second Degree of Reality producing one of the world’s first location-based, user-generated mobile games City Mission in the early 2000s. It was later sold to Ericsson and made a profitable exit.
  • I was the CEO for Supremacy Promotions for four years, the company managing the international kickboxing promotion Supremacy League.
  • I was the President of the Swedish Kickboxing Federation For 7 years between 2009 and 2016.

A few noteworthy projects

  • I was responsible for developing a methodology to measure the performance of regional innovation ecosystems for a Swedish region.
  • I was responsible for developing a method for measuring innovation performance in the public sector and I am running a project to develop a model for creating innovation management strategies for municipalities.
  • I was the project manager for the Airport Living Lab, a two-year research project with the purpose of researching and implementing an open innovation environment at an airport including 18 million annual travelers and 15 thousand employees.
  • I was also the project manager of Open Innovation Frameworks, a three-year project researching methods and tools for open innovation and idea management.
  • I spent two years as project manager in a research project named e-Me, researching new online collaboration methods for open innovation with special focus on mobile technologies.
  • I was the project manager of a research project named Moduflex in collaboration with Electrolux to find new manufacturing models integrating open innovation and modular production.

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