Contract signed for a program in innovation management

Three-year contract for a corporate program

Exiting times! Yesterday I signed a three-year contract with Påhlmans Business School in Stockholm where I represent Novelty Quest to be responsible for providing Påhlmans with a  training program in innovation management for their corporate clients. The first course is already scheduled to launch in October this year with examination in March 2017.

The target audiences for the program are innovation managers, innovation executives, strategists, business developers, marketing professionals, RnD managers, and similar roles who have a responsibility in their organization to drive innovation through innovation management expertise. The course will result in a diploma in innovation management from Påhlmans Business School after successful participation. Talk about an explosive career move!

The program is divided into five modules, each running for 2-3 days across the six-month program.

  1. Introduction to innovation management. An exhaustive introduction to the foundations of innovation and an overview of all of its components.
  2. Strategic innovation management. Practical case-work against the participants’ own organizations on how to measure and improve innovation performance taking all aspects of IM into account.
  3. Creativity and problem-solving. An advanced course on how to stimulate creativity and the problem-solving phase of the innovation process based on both theory and practical methods and tools.
  4. Areas of innovation. An advanced course in product innovation, service innovation, business model innovation, process innovation, and so on, and how to apply it strategically and practically.
  5. Open innovation. An advanced course in how different open innovation concepts such as crowdsourcing, innovation contests and ideation systems can be introduced in, and beneficial to, an organization.

The advanced courses have no other prerequisites than having succeeded course modules 1+2. Each module will be very practically oriented and will give the participants the chance to apply what they learn to their own organization throughout the program. Thus the training program will give immediate results back to the participant’s company.

Påhlmans School of Business
Påhlmans is a highly regarded and renowned Swedish business institute with traditions back from the 1840s. It is fascinating how this historical business school will now be offering the absolute state of the art in innovation management. History meets future – tradition meets innovation.

Detailed plans are already underway. I will keep you posted of the details as we progress.