Open innovation markets

Research project on models for open innovation

For more than a year now I have been part of a publicly funded research project called Open Innovation Markets managed by Chalmers University.

The project
The project is focusing on descriptive models for applying organizational open innovation. The project is currently entering its last phase (the final report is due in September) and it has investigated various approaches to open innovation in a number of large corporations.

Professor Alänge is going through the models.
Professor Alänge is going through the models.

Some of the outcomes of the project (so far)
In short, the project has located 10 key models for applying open innovation in a large organization. The models are not exclusive and may be combined, and we are now at the stage where we will start analyzing various forms of combinations, levels of maturity, etc. The models also incorporate different levels of openness, different groups of participants, and so on. The division of models so far are these:

  1. The garage model.
  2. The innovation contest model.
  3. The open innovation function model.
  4. The open platform/API model.
  5. The innovation outpost model.
  6. The semi-decoupled innovation accelerator model.
  7. The semi-decoupled innovation company model.
  8. The outsourced vendor innovation model.
  9. The decoupled sponsored incubator model.
  10. The decoupled sponsored global incubator model.

The ongoing process is now to separate these by their specific characteristics, such as which ones that generate more incremental vs radical outcomes, which ones that are easier vs tougher to implement and gain acceptance for, which ones that can be better internally aligned, etc.

The project team
The project team comes from various companies and research organizations.

Whenever new papers are published on the topic I will post an update to keep you informed. If there are further interest in finding out more details about the application of the models, just get in touch and I will try to set up the necessary contacts.