RISE innovation management team workshop

Establishing a national node for innovation management

Today we had a full-day workshop with the central innovation management team at RISE. The objective of the day was to further sketch out the structure of an offering of a national innovation management node and start to figure out the business model.

Purpose of the work
As mentioned in a previous article we at RISE are acting on the results of a pre-study pointing to the research institutes to take the lead in coordinating innovation management for the Swedish industry and public sector. The purpose is to preside as a coordinator of innovation management services for Sweden with a dual role as guarantor for the quality of services. In some cases we at the institutes within RISE have in-house services ourselves that are offered to our clients, but in the case of the node it aims to act as a neutral party providing a full overview of accomplished services.

The team
For the “first” time we have actually managed to coordinate ourselves cross-divisionally among the institutes. The team consists of representatives from all the four daughter institutes of RISE. The founding core team is:

160413 RISE node
The overly productive team in action!

The chairman of the team is RISE’s Chief Strategy Officer Olof Sandberg and then we have also co-opted Ingrid Kihlander from KTH who was the former project manager of the Leading Innovation project. Together we make a senior and diversified team that contributes in different aspects and that we believe have the power and authority to generate something visionary to the Swedish innovation management industry.

Lunch with Stefan Lindegaard
Stefan LindegaardAt lunch I had the good fortune to get to have a dialog with Stefan Lindegaard who was in town for other engagements. As we had to get on with our work we unfortunately missed his presentation on open innovation, but we are discussing in the RISE innovation management team to invite him over to Stockholm for our partner meeting in May. And one of the reasons that he was here was because of a collaboration with SP on their open innovation platform Translucent Innovation. We got a chance to hear a presentation of the platform over lunch and it is actually quite brilliant. The platform is an innovation marketplace where problems can be submitted by clients to the Swedish research institute and it is submitted to all the researchers and engineers within RISE. In practice “Translucent Innovation” means “submit your need to a researcher to solve your problem”.

The work to establish a national node for innovation management continues. I will keep you posted. And never hesitate to contact me if you wish to find out more about it!