Steering committee meeting at The Technological Institute

Vocational program for agile project management

As of this semester I have been invited to be a member of the steering committee of a vocational program for agile project managers.

The vocational program
The education for Agile Project Manager is a one-year program of full-time studies. It is organized by The Technological Institute (Teknikhögskolan) and is funded by the government through the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education. The program gives the students a solid foundation in project management to be able to run agile media or development projects. It contains fields such as leadership, group dynamics, budgeting, IPMA, XP, Scrum, and so on. The program is very hands on and the students will be ready to take on a business role as a fully fledged project manager of agile projects by the end of the study year.

Steering committee meeting at The Technological Institute managing a lot if important issues

The steering committee
My background with so many years as a researcher and manager in
ICT projects and digitization is the reason why the institute has considered me a suitable person to be on this committee. Every governmentally supported vocational program is obliged to have an industry driven steering committee to be responsible for manifesting that the national agency’s directives are followed. The steering committee is composed by representatives from the industry for the main part, an educational leader from the school and two student representatives. We decide on the educational plan, on changes in the composition of the program, we formally accept applying students and we are the ones to sign off when the students receive their degrees.

The first class s just finishing their program and the second class will start this autumn. If you are interested in taking the program you can still send in an application.