Course on Innovation Management for Digital Leaders

Corporate training in Stockholm September 2017

I held a two-day training course in Innovation Management for Digital Leaders in Stockholm on September 25-26. It was an extremely packed course so full of content that it left the participants exhausted when it was over. But according to the post-evaluation it was extremely useful to them. I ran it in cooperation with IDG Academy who are running courses in digital training for the Swedish IT community.

The course had 10 participants from all kinds of sectors who were CIO:s, marketing managers, research heads, and digital strategists who were all there to get a thorough understanding of how innovation management can accelerate digitization, because they are so highly interconnected. Organizations who are poorly equipped for innovation will have a hard time to digitize their business, as digital innovation is one of the key drivers for development these days. So only when you have learnt how to manage innovation in general will you be fully prepared to innovate digitally.

And we had such exciting discussions. With so much experience in the same room, satisfying discussions are bound to happen. I just love holding courses with knowledgable and interested driven senior people with whom we can evolve together.