New courses in innovation management with IDG

Two more training programs have come to an end.

Innovation management for digital leaders
At the end of November I taught my second corporate class of digital leaders for IDG Academy. This time I had 11 participants from various sectors, all facing the same problem – how to systematically set up their organization for innovation. And since this theme is the objective of the course, we had a spot-on match.

During two incredibly intense days they learnt what innovation is, what innovation management is, how to build a case for innovation management, how to form an innovation strategy and action plan, the components of an innovation management system, the phases of an innovation process, etc, etc. We all had a great time and we all came out stronger with a sharpened skillset in innovation management.

The participants in the November course.

Innovation management in the public sector
Then in early December – with the Christmas holidays closing in – we had a course specifically aimed at Innovation Management for the Public Sector, also organised by IDG. The course attracted 6 participants from Swedish authorities, municipalities and regions and was equally intense as the previous one. Apart from the basic curriculum we also added a special segment on innovation policies and innovation ecosystems along with a dialog om innovation metrics for nations and regions. Thrilling stuff that kept us alert throughout these two incredibly mind-boggling days.

Me and the participants in the December course with special focus on public sector organisations.

Now I will be taking a break from teaching innovation management over the holidays, but will be back with the next course in late January already. Teach-innovate-repeat!