ISPIM Innovation Conference 2018

In June 2018 the annual ISPIM innovation conference hit Stockholm. This was the first time the conference came to the Nordics, so consequentially KPMG chose to be the head sponsor of the event. This gave me a lot of work to do, but also tremendous joy and a great network. KPMG joined with a bunch of activities and in different forms and formats, so we were omni-present at the conference. Among other things:

  • We had a booth throughout the conference displaying our ideation platform KPMG Innovation Factory.
  • I was part of the Dolphin Tank for the ISPIM Grand Prize.
  • I ran a “hot topic” session on “How innovation strategies relate to other strategies”.
  • We launched the internationalization of the ISO personal certification program for Innovation Management Professionals together with ISPIM, RISE and the Association for Innovation Management Professionals in Sweden.
  • We initiated the task of developing an Innovation Management Body of Knowledge (IMBoK) together with ISPIM.
  • We had a session with KPMG UK presenting the London Startup Scene.
  • We had a session with KPMG Germany on “Collaborating with startups” displaying how a startup network can be utilized for corporate innovation.
  • I had the closing chair together with the CEO of Epicenter Stockholm.

So altogether it was a couple of extremely busy days and bunchload of working preparing for it. But it was all so worth the effort.

At the entrance of the conference at the Clarion Hotel Stockholm.
The Dolphin Tank of the ISPIM Grand Prize.

Me presenting the launch plan and governance structure for the personal certification of innovation management professionals.

Me and Johan Eriksson Grundström from Sony at the KPMG booth.