New research agreement signed

Cooperation agreement with Interactive Institute

My company Novelty Quest just recently signed an agreement with the Swedish research institute Interactive Institute. The agreement means that Novelty Quest Research will provide Interactive Institute with research expertise in innovation management in collaborative projects for the next two years.

II-logo_squareI was a director at Interactive Institute for more than two years, so my personal connections were of course the originating source for this. During my time there I was researching innovation management in various forms and projects, so due to our previous interactions we are both familiar with each other’s skills. Thus there are clear mutual benefits for both organizations to bring our individual expert fields into the same saucepan. Interactive is an experimental research institute developing innovations for clients and Novelty Quest is a leader in innovation management research, so the synergetic effects are both direct and obvious.

The agreement focuses on contract research on strategic innovation management practices for selected clients. This basically means that I will take part in developing front line innovation management solutions in joint endeavors for a long time ahead. The agreement is divided into two phases, with the second phase ending in mid 2018. So I am looking forward to researching and creating some of the best innovation management solutions ever!